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2003 East Ridge Memories

AHH is it that time yet again?  Another school year has come 2 an end... of course that means its time 4 the reflections of a year that actually wasnt that bad when I give it some thought.  Lets look back, laugh a lil, cry a lil and remember some of the coolest moments from our first year on the Ridge.
What better place to start than the beginning?  I remember the first day of school.  We had no clue what the hell was going on, we just walked in looking 4 acceptance.  We went in the gym and sat down and waited for our special "Welcome To East Ridge" message.  Little did we know what would happen next.  *L* I laugh just thinking about it.  A few minutes later, Good old Ralph Kilgore comes out in a damn headdress lookin bout as dumb as a guy with a really shiny head could possibly look.  For those of us who were there, it will be permanently imprinted in our brains.  For those who werent, I don't know whether to be happy for you, or sad cuz you missed it.
Those band trips were pretty memorable...  Most notably the one we took 2 Valley 4 the Pike county bowl.  It was still the first month of school and we were all still a lil apprehensive to whether we were gonna b friends or not.  All it took was a few good songs and some nice lil singing to bring us all 2gether...  And it was really hot outside... and we got off that bus ready 2 perform all COVERED in sweat...  After this performance I was drained...  All I wanted was 2 go home... and I finally made it home that night around 2 in the morning.. then i went 2 bed...  hehe... and I had colored hair cuz Courtney Bevins (my love) and Courtney Elkins (my Courtness) and I was so tired I didnt wash it out and when I woke up I had multicolored sheets.  hehe.. humorous :)
This isn't really a memory but...  its something all us Warriors have heard time after time..  It can all b summed up with one lil statement... "Terry Morgan come to the front office"... Classic...  lookin 4ward 2 next year so I can hear it again.
What about the "seniors vs. faculty" basketball game?  I dont know about you guys but seeing Jack Mattney with those pants on, and those socks up 2 his knees...  that just gave me one of the best feelings ever... and What about Tom Freeman in his goggles hehe...  he looked like Horace Grant.
I was sittin in English 2day, and we had a conversation about some of our memories of the year...  One of them that was brought up was the time that I wore a dress....  Before you guys think any crazy things about me... it was 4 100 bonus points and it helped me pass my history class... Would I do it again?  Hell yes...In fact, dont b surprised if I do someday hehe...
Brad Delauder gave what could of been one of the years most memorable moments.  We were sitting there in the gym for the talent show, all burning up cuz when u get all 750 of us (more or less) in there at the same time, it can get pretty hot...  ANYWAYZ, DJ Stiltner had performed like a 20 minute guitar solo that I was really happy when it ended and shit *L* but thats not the point.. during that, he did a lil song called "Speedball"...  Did he do it good? Y yea, it was nice.. but then Brad's band got up there 2 perform...  In midsong, everybody stopped and Brad did his own rendition of "Speedball"... DJ was pissed and I laughed and cheered really loud 4 Brad (hey, hes my friend gotta cheer him on)...  it was nice...
Now for the final memory (there is so many more, but my memory isnt 2 good and I cant name em all)... OF COURSE I HAVE TO INCLUDE *drum roll plz* (wait im a drummer.. i can do that myself) THE MOMENT IN THE DISTRICT TOURNAMENT WHEN WE BEAT SHELBY VALLEY!!!! HELL YES!!!!!!! Even though Valley did go on 2 win regional... they didn't beat us.. nope nope nope.. Go warriors!!!
Now for that moment I've been dreading...  Im just gonna name a few of my good friends that r graduating and stuff... or just moving on 2 different things...  I love all these ppl... they r great... so.. lets just start...
Josh Slone
Adam Ratliff
Dustin Adkins
Joey Casebolt
Luke Robinson
Matt Crum
Jared Williamson
Adam Adkins
Tammy Miller
Missy Shouse
Logan Coleman
Holly Owens
Matt Smith
and... most importantly...  my sister LaTracia.
Tracia-We haven't always gotten along 2 good.. actually for 15 years we've done practically nothing but fight... and now we're 2 that point where you are moving off and going to college and maybe getting married and stuff... and...  To be quite honest, I'm going to miss you.  Would I ever admitt that to you 2 ur face? Prolly not..but its true and you know it...  I hope you succeed in everything you try 2 do in life... Good luck with Jared...  Love you Tracia :)  Congrats on ur graduation, you've worked hard.